Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hating One's Job

I'm always curious to hear about how many people hate their jobs. Hating your job can add lots of psychological stress to your life and definitely affects your health, relationships, and even your spiritual life. I have a theory that a lot of the reason why people hate their jobs is because they feel trapped in them. They forget/ignore that they have a choice in the matter (quitting, taking a leave of absence, approaching their boss for changes, job shopping, etc). Feeling trapped and that you have no options is a sick feeling. Yet it is always just an illusion, one that can play havoc with your life.

Of course, loving your job can also have negative repercussions on one's life. I have seen many people burn out from spending too much time at work (even doing something they love). And people abandoning their spouse/family for their job is also more common then you might think. Passion for one's work is good, but it can be taken too far. I have observed families breaking up because of inability to prioritize family over love of job; passionate workers in ministry, stay at home mom's (yes, it's definitely a job), and well-meaning entrepreneurs have all shipwrecked their families and been left holding the broken remains. Very sad.

So I'm curious, how much do you hate/love your job? And here's another question, are you honest with yourself and the important people in your life about it?

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