Monday, August 31, 2009

The Art of Eating . . . In Space

Sometimes when I watch my daughter Trinity eat stuff, I can't stand it. She drops things, smears them on herself, puts her fingers in her food. I can feel my blood pressure rising the longer I watch! But compared to what astronauts have to go through, I guess I can learn to handle it. At least she's not eating in zero gravity. Check out this video about what it's like to eat in space. If you want more info about the evolution of eating in space, check out this article from Neatorama. Interesting stuff! I'm scared to ask what going to the bathroom in space looks like . . .


Moxymama said...

Don Pettit, an astronaut on the Space Shuttle Endeavor,was one of my father's engineering students at the University of Arizona. When he was selected by NASA my parents went to watch the launch. Anyway, the stories he has about life in space in really amazing. Something that is literally other-worldly.

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