Friday, December 4, 2009

Lunchtime First

Today Jobina and I did something we have never done before in the history of our relationship: She stopped by my work and we went out for lunch. I know, I know, it doesn't sound astounding or anything, but this is something that seemed out of our realm of possibility until recently. It was an impromptu date (gasp) in the middle of a workday! Later I went back to my sessions and she went home to do housework . . . but for a brief half hour we were together as a couple. Eating subs, sharing a drink, talking about our day, laughing about the children. It was sweet and simple. I share our little experience (and my surprise at how meaningful and special it was) simply to inspire or encourage any other married people out there to seize such small opportunities when they present themselves. Look out for them, take advantage of them, and savor them.


Jay Boaz said...

The benefits of working close to home continue to express themselves!

RLE said...

Michael and I used to do that, then came kids. I think the last time I did that without the kids was when I was pregnant with the girls and someone was watching Rhys for us.
It's nice to take advantage of the small opportunities together. Good for you and Jobina for getting your subs and talks in.