Friday, March 5, 2010

Flying Hovercraft

Rudy Heeman is an inventive museum mechanic who threw this flying hovercraft together in his free time. I have always loved hovercraft, I so much want one of these!


Jay Boaz said...

That is pretty much beyond awesome.

I have to wonder though, if he starts selling those, what kind of license do you need to drive one? You wouldn't need a driver's license if you stay off the roads, but boats require a license to drive (which are easy to get; I've got one and I've never driven a boat). And since it flies, how high do you have to get before you would need a pilot's license?

It's an awesome invention, but I see a lot of red tape in trying to mass produce those things.

Mark said...

Yes, pure awesomeness indeed! Apparently there are other companies who produce these (although not necessarily for recreational users) so my guess is that some of the red tape has already gone through. But seriously, I'm ready to buy one of these tomorrow!