Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Review: The Last Lecture

Book Review: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

I had heard about this book a few years back and when I saw it on my latest library excursion I picked it up without a second thought. I knew this book was going to be important for me.

Randy Pausch was a professor of computer sciences (specifically with virtual reality) at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2007 he found out that he was going to die from pancreatic cancer within three to six month. He decided to do one last lecture entitled “Really achieving your childhood dreams.” It was amazing. So much so that millions watched it online and it became a book. I think Pausch would be the kind of person everyone would want as a professor and friend. He was energetic, fun, a genius, and incredibly positive. To hear how he handled his impending death and his life reflections, well, it’s a bit overwhelming. It certainly hit me hard, talking about how he would miss his wife and his kids and what their journey was like, but it was more his optimistic way of celebrating the life he had led and was still living. He decided to have fun right up until the end. The book is full of his stories and advice for life, much of it given to him from his parents, friends, colleagues, and students. I think anyone reading this would find it inspiring, hopeful, and wise. A fascinating read that will leave you with a warm feeling in your heart (sadness and hope mixed together). I give it 4.5 ninja stars out of five.

P.S. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the official link to the famous lecture (give yourself a good hour to watch it and reflect)

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