Monday, February 7, 2011

Death Prayers

I was talking with a friend the other day and they confided me that they, and their family, had been praying for the death of a loved one. I had never really thought about this unique prayer before. It was a little unsettling.

My friend's family was praying for the death of someone with terminal disease and who was in a great deal of pain. Not being able to handle their suffering, the family prayed that God would take this person home. It made me think - Have I ever prayed that someone would die before? I don't think so.

The Bible has people praying for death - of themselves and their enemies. Job prayed for death sometimes and David prayed that God would kill his oppressors. Perhaps there are other examples? I can think of a few different reasons you might pray for someone's death.

1. Compassion at someone's suffering.
2. Justice for a great wrong.
3. As permanent protection from an abuser.
4. For revenge.

Can you think of any others? And have you prayed for someone to die before?

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Anonymous said...

It's awful to sit at a bedside and beg God to take your Mom or Dad away. I did that twice, I have nightmares about it still because I was such a coward not to be able to watch them die anymore, so I prayed for death. I should have prayed for a miracle but I had no faith God would do it. That was almost 20 years ago, it still hurts.
Christine P.