Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well, today (July 29th) was my birthday. I spent it with my family and it was great. Birthdays always make me think about the more important things in life like my purpose, God, my challenges, my family, my achievements, and my failures. Maybe we should do our new year's resolutions on our birthdays? Jobina got me a non traditional and simple birthday card. The front page read "I like you..." and the interior wording was "You take kissing seriously." I'm glad she noticed!

I also got phone call messages from my brother and mom which was really nice and made me smile. In my humble opinion people, make two big errors when it comes to their birthday. Some ignore their birthday. These types pretend (or believe) it's not important and they either feign discomfort when anyone tries to honor their big day, or they truly are uncomfortable - like they don't deserve any sort of recognition! I don't like this approach because it seems to rob themselves (and others) of the joy of celebrating their life, uniqueness, and God's work in their life. On the far other end of the spectrum is the birthday addicts. They make sure you know their birthday is coming - maybe even weeks or months in advance. They then either plan their perfect day (down to the last detail) or they wait expectantly for others to put on a big celebration for them and are often disappointed.

I wonder though if we could embrace the positives of both approaches (humility and celebration) without the negatives (feeling unworthy to be special or being full of oneself)? I want to enjoy my birthday and celebrate God's making and sustaining me. I want to let my family celebrate me, being humble yet thankful at the same time. I want to party, think deep thoughts, open gifts, remember my blessings, and share the experience with others - all with a humble and thankful heart. Of course I'm not there yet (ask my wife) but I feel God is working on me. So how about you - do you like your birthdays? Where on the scale do you fit in? If your birthday is coming up soon (or has just recently passed), let me say a hearty "Happy Birthday" to you and I hope you have a great day!!


Terry L said...

happy birthday buddy.

Jobina said...

well, you know how much I like birthdays! I loved spending yours with you! BTW, a pile of people on Facebook said happy birthday to you too.

Jay Boaz said...

I'm in the "my birthday is no big deal" camp. I really stopped caring about my birthday when I turned 18. I'd much rather celebrate someone else's than my own. As long as I get pizza bread on my birthday I'm a happy boy.

As I said via e-mail, happy birthday!

Flores Hayes said...

I enjoy my birthday as a chance for family reunion! Happy Birthday!!!
Flor (

Elayne said...

I love every birthday! I love to be celebrated! I love opening presents and reading cards! I love birthday lunches with friends!
I'm thankful for every birthday I get to celebrate! ... yes, I LOVE to celebrate other people's birthdays too to let them know how much I cherish them as family or friends!
...and I loved celebrating your birthday with you in person this year even though it was a few days early!