Monday, July 20, 2009

Help Needed

Everyone has gifts and abilities. Part of what makes us all so fascinating is that yours are different from mine. For instance I know people who can:

1. Dispense wisdom.
2. Make people laugh.
3. Fix anything.
4. Cook like a chef.
5. Show heartfelt compassion.
6. Teach.
7. Learn things quickly.
8. Read fast and lots.
9. Sell stuff to anyone.
10. Pray for hours.

etc, etc, etc. I know that I too have gifts and abilities. One of the abilities that I don't have is the ability to build and fix things. In about a month though we are moving and we need to do some repairs to our house. We need to do things like:

Repair and paint our fence.
Repair our main level ceiling?
Put new flooring in the kitchen/dining area (this I'll probably pay someone to do).
Paint our exterior windows.
Paint our interior (as much as possible).
Miscellaneous repairs.

Sadly, even painting is a stretch for me. The repairs? A complete mystery. It's times like these I look at my friends with their carpentry and mechanical knowledge and feel jealous. Rationally I know that we all have different gifts and abilities but it doesn't make it any easier when I need to do something requiring skills and tools I don't have (OK, Jobina just corrected me, we have tools, we just don't know how to use them). It's frustrating! So if anyone has some extra time and expertise on their hands, let us know. Maybe you could lend me some of your skills and I could lend you some of mine? That sounds Christian somehow. Meanwhile I'll be out back trying to figure out how to fix my fence without destroying it . . . and dreaming about getting a truck.


Terry L said...

What kind of truck are you dreaming about?

Mark said...

The kind with with a box - and runs!

Anonymous said...

Dreaming about a chevy I'm sure!

Keith F.