Thursday, November 12, 2009

Great Attitude

A brief conversation with my Grade 1 Son this morning as we were waiting for the bus:

Me: "So Riker, are you going to have a rockin' day today?"
Riker: "Dad, when do I not have a rockin' day?"

With an attitude like that, I have a feeling he'll go far! He assumes he'll have a good day and so in his own way chooses to. It was a good reminder for me.


Jobina said...

He's already going far, he's actually in Grade 2!!!

Jay Boaz said...

Dude, Riker is in Grade 2. Did you perhaps write this post a year ago and schedule is for now? :)

Still, awesome response from the young Westman.

Moxymama said...

That's awesome! Even more awesome are the comments above mine. My husband would do the same thing.

Elayne said...

You need to catch up Mark! LOL

That is such a great Riker comment. Makes me miss him even more than I already did!