Saturday, April 24, 2010

100 Year Old Woman's First Computer is an iPad

Since the release of the iPad (in the US anyway - the Canadian release isn't until the end of May), we've seen all sorts of unlikely computer users playing with the new device. Now a new video of a 100-year-old woman using her iPad though is both heartwarming and inspiring.

100-year-old Virginia suffers from glaucoma, so the iPad's zoomable screen is ideal for her to read books (she's read 2 already) and write limericks (she's composed 12). Her children and grandchildren realized that this was cool enough to share on the internet and posted a video of the centenarian iPad fan to YouTube, including one of Virginia's limericks. I'm not sure what impressed me more; the fact that someone who is 100 could find Apple's iPad that easy to use or the fact that someone who is 100 is still composing poetry! Enjoy.

Here is a quick note from Virginia's family:
We, Virginia’s family, wish to say this video was made within minutes of her receiving her iPad. ? She quickly caught on to how to read and write on it, activities which were impossible before. She cannot read large print books any longer as her glaucoma prevents this. Glasses are useless. She loves to read and is a avid poet, now writing many many limericks for fun. She does not bend over the iPad, as you see in this video, but now puts it on several pillows.

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