Thursday, April 15, 2010

Experiments on Kids

Researchers have recently "discovered" two new things which I found interesting:

1. Spanking makes kids more aggressive.
2. Bribing kids with cash helps them perform better in school.

(click on each for the details)

Agree that this is true? Go science!


Terry L said...

regarding item 1 - shouldn't it read "aggressive kids get spanked more"?

Generalizations like this are not really helpful to me, my 3 yr old doesn't really respond well to bribing, and she also doesn't respond well to time-outs, privileges being taken away, or corporal punishment.

We're screwed.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, obviously there are a lot of variables in a study like this, such as the environment that a kid grows up in, what other kinds of "violence" they are exposed to, etc.

I was spanked as a kid and i'm I think it worked well on me. I don't ever remember being aggressive, either. Probably also depends on the temperament of the kid.


Jay Boaz said...

I was spanked as a kid, and I don't think I turned out to be aggressive.