Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Review: The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float

Book Review: The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float by Farley Mowat

This book was . . . OK. I laughed quite a bit at it, once I got used to the Newfoundland-heavy vocabulary and imagery that Mowat uses. It is his story of a truly terrible investment – a boat that he and a friend bought with great hopes. Instead of adventurous sails around the world they are met with setback and misadventures as they simply try to keep their boat above the water.

Crude in places, it nevertheless has some charm as you shake your head in amazement at Mowat’s stubornness not to give up on a vessel that truly deserved it. His many brushes with death are told in such a humorous way that you almost forget that him drowning was very much a constant possibility. For anyone thinking of buying a boat and sailing the 7 seas, you may wish to read this book. There is a kind of wisdom one can learn from the mistakes and suffering of others. Also, it is good entertainment. I rate this book 3.7 ninja stars out of 5.

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