Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Book A Week Challenge Update

Someone asked me the other day how my A Book A Week self-challenge is going. Well right now I think I have about 19 books left to read by the end of the year. So I’m a little (OK, maybe a fair amount) behind but I think it will be pretty close. I’m going to read hard this week and then hopefully do two a week for the last two months of the year. It has been a very interesting experience so far! A few things I’ve noted:

-It is easier for me to read the books then to write the reviews – in fact my loathing of writing book reviews (a necessary step for me in this challenge) sometimes holds me back from reading more!

-A book a week is almost too much for me if I’m reading lots of deep books. Some books need more time to be reflected on. One way I found to alleviate this issue is to alternate reading deep books and non-deep/fiction books.

-I can’t approach reading as a discipline – instead I need to approach it as me being making time to feed my passion for it. Reading needs to be my faithful servant, not my demanding master.

-I can’t be reading more then three books at a time (2 is my comfortable limit) if I want to really enjoy the experience. Therefore I actually have to discipline myself to not pick up new books until the others are done! This is very difficult.

-Variety is the spice of life – and I’ve noticed that the more variety in the books I read the happier I am, the more I read, and the more I learn.

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