Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Much Do You Trust Yourself? And How Much Do Others Trust You?

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”
-George MacDonald

An interesting exercise was offered in the pages of The Speed of Trust - take a free online trust test and see how you rate yourself. Then, if you dare, send an email out to a several people whom you know and get them to rate you in the different areas of trust. Everyone who does this does it anonymously and it only takes a few minutes.

So here's the question; I assume most people wouldn't mind doing the self test. But are you brave enough to do the 2nd part? Are you open enough to feedback to hear the truth about what people think about you? Before I give the link to the test, I'm curious to know . . .

I thought the feedback might be good and so I sent it out to between 15 and 20 people. This included family, friends, co-workers, bosses (or supervisors), ministry partners, etc. I tried to send it to people who I thought might trust me highly and those who might not. My results are below:

Personal Credibility Score & Report (this was my own rating of myself in the different trust areas):

Integrity: 83%
Intent: 63%
Capability: 83%
Results: 63%
Others Trust Me: 63%
Character: 73%
Competence: 73%

Personal Credibility Index: 70%

Here's What Others Say (the average of people who filled it out for me - thanks by the way if that was you!)

Character: 92%
Competence: 89%
Others Trust You: 94%
You Consistently Interact in a Way that Builds Trust: 92%
Your "Trustability" with Others: 92%

Aggregate (combination of personal and others) Personal Credibility Index: 82%

I enjoyed the exercise and I was a bit reassured to see that others thought of me as more trustworthy then I thought of myself, but I want to increase everything (especially competence) up higher. Seem like a good exercise? If you'd like to do it, the link to the website is below:

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