Monday, December 20, 2010


Sorry about the sporadic nature of my posts lately, my family has been very sick (especially Trinity and Sawyer) and it feels like we've been treading water on the home front. I'm always amazed at how being ill so dramatically affects one's quality of life. Your attitude, productivity, socialness, happiness - everything is effected. I hate being sick (around Christmas is the worst) but hopefully we'll be through it in another week.

I suppose being sick can teach you things. Like being grateful when you aren't! Also, about one's mortality, the really important things in life, and of course the perils of having multiple children in school. Ah well.

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Internet Wanderer said...

I enjoy God


Pray tell, just how does one enjoy or have a personal relationship with an invisible, intangible, weightless, soundless, and scentless critter devoid of any heat signature detectable by NASA?