Saturday, March 26, 2011

She Left Me!

Yes, my wife left me.

For Ecuador.

Jobina is doing a self propelled missions trip to Quito, Ecuador with her friend Lee. The two of them are delivering supplies to a pregnancy crisis center that is in the start up phase and is being started up by a couple from our church. Jobina is going to have a very full week of holding babies, visiting orphanages, encouraging her hosts, singing in prison, and helping out at a daycare that's situated in a dump. Luckily my wonderful mother in law is staying with us to help out on the homefront (which is awesome!) but I have a few prayer requests for Jobina if you think of her this week:

-pray for her not to get altitude sickness (Quito is 10,000 feet above sea level!)
-pray for safety in travel to/from/and in Ecuador
-pray for the ability to connect with babies, children, and mothers from a different culture and language and show them God's love

Also, feel free to pray for those who are left behind. I'm very proud of my adventurous wife and I hope that God really challenges and blesses her!


Moxymama said...

Will definitely pray. My uncle just moved from Ecuador to Mexico City after living and working there for 20 years and some good friends of ours are missionaries there currently. Let me know if your wife needs anything. I can put her in contact with them.

Tammy said...

I think it's so wonderful that she decided to do this!

Praying for you all.

Jobina said...

aw, thanks Mark! And thanks to anyone who prayed for us, it was a fantastic week!