Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The New World of Radical Transparency

I really found this article interesting. Clive Thompson discuses the reputation economy and how the internet changes how people can build and maintain their reputations. Most interestingly he theorizes that transparency (being real with your thoughts, feelings and ideas) is now the most important element to success. I'm not sure I agree with everything he says, but the examples he gives are eye opening. I was both encouraged and discouraged; is the secular business world beating Christians in the embracing of being authentic, honest, and transparent? Are business leaders seeing the benefit of being real before Christian leaders?

May Light increase!

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Mark said...

When I was a youth pastor I remember feeling like I had to act a certain way, modeling good behavior most of the time. Sometimes I didn't feel the freedom to express myself honestly, even though that is one of my values. I wonder if that is the reason so many Christian leaders are failing, because they have no one to be real with and even if they do they can't be read because it would destroy the illusion of their saintliness. Maybe we need more saints who admit their weakness (without glorying in it). This would be radical shift in our thinking, not sure if would ever really catch on. . .