Saturday, May 5, 2007

Notes From The Farm

Today we had a family day and went and visited my parents on the farm. I'm always amazed at how much I enjoy going back there. I'm not sure if it is because it is where I grew up or because it is out in the country or both. But something about being there is extremely medicinal. Even the drive up improves my mood. When we get there, I always just stand outside for a moment and enjoy the sights, sounds, (and yes) even the smells of the farm. The open space, the quietness, the trees, the remoteness, the animals, everything. I feel extremely luck to have grown up in the country and I truly miss it alot. It fills my heart with joy to see my kids running around a farm and exploring to their hearts content. I also enjoy hanging out with my parents and thinking about how they bought this piece of land with an old dilapidated house and turned it into a home and sheep farm. My Dad and I commented on how the trees had grown since we last remembered them and Riker found an old "clubhouse" fort that my Dad built for us. It was full of memories (for myself) and hours of discovery (for Riker). Trinity had a good time as usual torturing the cats and jumping in puddles. All in all, I find the farm is good for what ails me. I thank God that he saw fit to let me grow up a farm boy. I'm not sure if I'll ever live in the country again, but I know that my heart will never leave it.

May Light increase!


sheri said...

Hey Mark! I also love that I grew up in the country! I love going back there!! I agree with pretty much everything you said...except I don't have kids exploring my old forts and I didn't live on a sheep farm... :)

Mark said...

Sheri: You will some day, you will some day! Thanks for checking out my blog by the way. -Mark