Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ode to My Children's Mom

I know a Girl who when she was young was asked a question by her mother. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" "That's easy said said the Girl, I want to be a Mom." Years later, the Girl grew up, married me, and realized her dream. And everyday she lives a little more of it.

I love watching her with our children. She is so affectionate, so patient, so loving. She sacrifices herself, her time, her resources; everything, for those children. She worries about them, feeds them, clothes them, encourages them and most importantly takes great joy in them. When she's away from them, she misses them deeply and she loves to tell me all of the funny and great things they did during the day.

Not every day with her children are great ones. They test her. Sometimes hey misbehave, whine, cry, and do things that defy comprehension. Essentially they cause her great grief and make her mad. But she is always willing to forgive and when her reactions aren't great, she apologizes to them. Oh, they test her, but her love for them is never in question.

Sometimes, when she isn't looking I'll just watch her "mothering" them. She is truly amazing and I think about how lucky I am that she is both my wife and my kid's mother. Thank you honey for bearing my children; the day they were born, every day, and into the uncertain future. I am overwhelmed by you unending love and wisdom with them. Thank you.



Dayna said...

this is a good post... you describe Jobina so very well, and as you do it you show all of us a part of her... and also a part of you. It shows how much you adore her, respect her, and love her. It shows how you are a godly husband and father. For that, and for so many other things, you are still one of my heros and definitly still one of my favorite people!

and Jobina- (yes, I know i could go leave you another comment, but this is the lazy-Dayna-way) the same goes for you. You are my hero and one of my favorite poeple! You continue to amaze, inspire, and encourage me... I look up to you in so many ways... and like you, I want to be a Wife and a Mom when I grow up. There lots of things about how you live life with your kids that I hope to remember one day when I live life with mine!

I love you both,
Miss Dayna

Dayna said...

oops! i was gonna add how i laughed when i read "how lucky I am that she is both my wife and my Mother's children" correct me if I'm wrong, but that would make her your sister, right? and perhaps schizophrenic.

of course I knew what you meant, but I just couldn't pass up the chance to... well, essentially to make fun of you! oh man, I'm an awful person...

Happy Mother's Day Mark!

Stacey said...

That was a great post! I can see where Jobina was coming from in her comment on my blog today. This kind of 'gift' is something that I can understand. It's when a wife expects her husband to buy her something that it doesn't make sense to me. This was beautiful Mark.

Mark said...

Dayna: Thanks for your kind words and your pointing out of my grammatical mistakes! I'll change that immediately.
Stacey: Thanks for the your encouragement. And a happy mother's day to you too.

Anonymous said...

mark you are such a wonderful father to your children....i hope i can be like you someday