Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book Review: Knockout Entrepreneur

Book Review: Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman

Why buy a book by a former boxer sharing his thoughts on business? Well, first because George Foreman is a fascinating guy: a former heavyweight boxing champion of the world (twice actually, the second time when he was 45 years old), former owner of the most popular small appliance in America (The George Foreman Grill), and currently both a pastor and businessman. You know a person has a unique personality when he names his 5 sons all after himself (George Jr, George III, etc).

I chose this book on a whim but ended up really enjoying it. Foreman shares an eclectic collection of advice on being successful as an entrepreneur as well as thoughts on life, family, faith, and integrity. Although most of his thoughts aren't ground breaking or new, the way he illustrates them with stories from his boxing and business exploits make for engaged reading. This book would especially appeal to men wanting to be successful in business but is readable by anyone. His slow and methodical strategy to reclaim his heavyweight title, 20 years after he first won it, illustrates the wisdom that has worked so well for him.

Personally, I was the most challenged by this thoughts on hard work. He relates that sometimes people ask him "George, what has been the secret of your success? How did you do it?" His answer is simple: "That's easy. I got up each day and worked harder then everyone else. If you want to be successful I recommend the same prescription for you." George reminds us that a great team in your corner, a winning strategy, and personal integrity are all important but working hard is the most important quality of all. I rate this book 4 ninja stars out of 5.

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