Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hair Cut

Today I surprised Jobina by coming home with a haircut. For the past 10 years I get haircuts "when I can," I never schedule haircuts a month in advance. Even though I like the feel of a newly manicured head, I despise taking the time to do it. Half an hour is all it takes but I usually end up putting it off for at least two weeks or so after realizing that it's time. Usually by this timeJobina has been scowling every time she looks at me and I force myself to call and make an appointment.

Anyway, today I was walking home from work and on a whim I stopped in at an Ultra Cuts. Sure enough, the solitary hair dresser was quite willing to cut my hair. As she was cutting I was chatting about life and work stuff. Suddenly I came up with a new theory, one I call "Samson Theory" to better explain my reluctance to get my hair cut. I could tell my hairdresser was curious, so I began to share it with her:

Basically it goes like this - lately I've noticed that when my hair gets longer that I seem to counsel better. In fact this month as my hair was as it's longest I saw some of my best results ever. Today it clicked: I derive my counselling abilities from my hair! The longer my hair gets, the greater my counselling power! Like Samson, cutting my hair takes away my strength (or in my case intuition, empathy, wisdom, and all that other good counselor stuff). So if tomorrow I'm mediocre in my counselling sessions, I'll know why.

I excitedly explained all of this to the lady. I looked up at her, expecting her to bask in the glow of my Biblical and psychological insights. She smiled and said "Some people come up with the craziest ideas." I smiled back and sighed. "They certainly do, " I said, "They certainly do."


Elayne said...

If that's true I'm in BIG trouble! I just got "weakened" today as well!

Mark said...

Uh oh, what powers of yours will be affected?

Elayne said...

I'ld guess that most women are empowered by the state of their hair (our crowning glory after all!). It can affect their whole day. My clothes, hair and make-up affect how I perform in every way. All the time. I now work at our home office but you'll never find me in that office in PJ's. I get dressed, do my hair and make-up and then head to the office. So a really bad hair cut could set me back a little I'm afraid! Really not such a crazy idea you had there. Maybe you see yourself as a long haired person so you feel better about yourself when your hair is longer?