Monday, October 19, 2009

Creative Help Wanted . . .

After reflecting on my blogging this past month, I'm going to make a change. I've decided to start a relationship blog - one that will be connected to my counselor web site. It will be targeted at those looking for relationship wisdom, tips, ideas, and reflections. It will be for those who are single, dating, engaged, or married. So I'm looking for ideas for a name. Do you have any suggestions?

I am usually pretty creative, but I thought I could use some help on this one. Good, bad, terrible, and humorous suggestions would all be appreciated! Even if I don't use your idea(s) it might spark something in me or someone else reading. Also, if I choose your idea, I will send you a unique and mysterious prize to express my thanks!


Jobina said...

The Love Doctor
Love 101
Hooking Up
Happily Ever After
To Forever and Beyond

(just off the top of my head, good, bad and terrible all at once!)


Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no idea where these came from but because they popped in my head I thought I should share...

Two on the Couch
A Couple of Thoughts
Relationship Enlightenment
From here to eternity
We and Beyond
Relation Domination (that sounds like a totally 'different' kind of blog)

As Jobina said, 'the good, bad, and terrible'... there you have it! Good luck! :)


Jay Boaz said...

I like "A Couple of Thoughts", as Stacey suggests. Very nice play on words.