Thursday, June 10, 2010

Disciplining Your Wife?

There is a new kind of domestic arrangement that some people in the Christian community are espousing. It's called Christian DD. Check it out:

Christian DD

I thought it was a joke at first, but it isn't. So what do you think? Think it could improve your marriage?

Update: Since there are some links on this site that might take people to places that might not be good, I've taken down the link. Suffice it to say that Christan DD stands for Christian domestic discipline which is the addition of Christian theology to the fetish of spanking. Yes, that's right, spanking! I laughed hard at first when I saw what they were saying, but now I'm mostly just disturbed.


RLE said...

I have a few things running through my mind - first, I am a bit appalled. so I must confess that other than the front "page" that your link took me too, I didn't read any farther. They state right there that it was not espoused in the Bible, so why even bother saying that they are Christians? Second, I am wondering where in the world people would get this idea - spanking a grown woman? Is that supposed to make one feel good about their relationship with their husband? What does he woman have to do to "deserve" a spanking? Is this legal? Wouldn't it be considered within the legal definition of spouse abuse? Wouldn't you be raising sons that could become abusers? Or daughters who would be vulnerable to being in an abusive relationship? I don't know... these are just the thoughts in my head.
I am very curious to know what you think, Mark. Did you read more about it than I did? As a counselor and someone who sees couples in crisis or does premarital counseling, would you recommend this to your clients?

Marc Vandersluys said...

I only read bits from the front page. Perhaps I'm too jaded to take this seriously, but I can't help but detect a bit of latent sexual fetishism in this.

I'm sure it's legal, RLE, in the same way that S&M (another fetish) is legal: as long as it's consenting adults involved.

Marc Vandersluys said...

Upon further reading it seems I wasn't that far off the mark. Some of their fiction (via the links page) is about "Romantic Spanking", which links to a front page with an "adults only" warning. I didn't click further out of caution.

RLE said...
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Elayne said...

I know of a specific so called Christian sect where spanking wives was something they did not necessarily as a reaction to a wrong doing but to "keep them in line!" I don't think it was necessarily taught but rather something that seemed to be accepted as a measure of control by the husband. Spanking submission into their wives was very likely thought of as Biblical and right. Go figure, huh?

Jay Boaz said...

I looked at the link very briefly but the whole concept and website just creeped me right out. I call shenanigans on this concept, at a glance it looks more like a "Christian cover story" for sketchy behavior than a legitimate way to live ones life.