Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Leaving For A Year

Today as I was walking my son to the bus I was reflecting on how a couple in my church was taking themselves and their three kids to Ecuador for a year. They are both doing missions related work and feel that God is definitely leading them to do this. As we walked I asked Riker, "What would you do if I told you that Mommy and I thought we felt God was asking us to go to another country for a year?" He thought about this for a moment and then said "Cool!"

As we talked a little more, Riker realized that this would mean him having to give up his friends for a year. Then he wasn't so sure. I remember reading a short story in Outside Magazine a few years ago about a guy who decided that he wanted to live overseas for a year so his kids could get a cross cultural experience. His own parents had did it while he was young. So he and his family did some research and found a nice little coastal village somewhere in Spain and moved there. The kids learned Spanish and went to the local school. For a year they basically just learned to fit in and explored the countryside. Since the man was an author, he continued to work without a hiccup in their monthly cashflow. It all seemed so idyllic.

On and off since then I've daydreamed about leaving for a year. Either on missions or just for a cross cultural adventure. Occasionally Jobina and I talk about it but I think it's mostly my dream. Still, I think it would be very cool if God would open up all the doors to have this kind of experience. What about you? Have you done something like this or dream of it? Or perhaps that is the last thing you would do? I'm just curious if other people have these kind of thoughts.


JC Lussier said...

You are not alone. My dreams involve living in a motorhome and Just traveling. Staying at each destination as long as you want. The problem is finding the right job that could support that lifestyle. Maybe the circus :) And I know I am not alone in this idea there is a group a families that do this http://www.familiesontheroad.com/

Terry L said...

Its one thing to dream of such things, but some people I know are obsessed with it. In this situation, she had an experience teaching in Asia overseas when she was younger, and remembers it as a really good experience. Now it seems that its all they can ever talk about. They've even gone so far as to ensure they 'market' themselves to different missions that come to their church. It all feels so forced, and is really hard on her extended family when they constantly talks about just up and leaving.

Dayna said...

i did it! and am still doing it! came to germany in 2007 for "a year away" and am still here. haha!

granted, i am still single, without kids or career or house, etc. etc... so in that sense it was way simpler for me than it would be for a couple or a family... but it was still a pretty big leap of faith, one that I made with nervous excitment and more than a little doubt.

of course the culture and lifestyle difference between germany and canada is not super drastic (not like when i went to zimbabwe! or like it must have been for the family you mentioned who went to ecudor) but it has been amazing to experience the culture, landscape, language, food, and people of germany... and also several other european countries i've gotten to visit!

the best part by far is the fellowship I have experienced and continue to experience, with God and with an awesome group of His kids! i am sooooo grateful for my "year" away and for all I've learned and seen and experienced.

sometimes God needs to take us out of our comfortable, predictable location to get our attention... not always! but in my case? definitely! could He have done it in canada? definitely! some days it's hard to be so far away from family and friends, but as much as i love and miss many people back home, i love this second home more than i can describe! thank You Lord!

ps- I would do it again! in fact, kinda hoping there will be "a year away" in south america in my future... and africa? and.... :)

RLE said...

We talk about it all the time - Australia, New Zealand, a trip around the world... any and all of these would be fun and educational for the kids.
Rhys is starting Spanish Bilingual Kindergarten in fall, maybe we will all learn enough Spanish to do a Spanish-speaking country. Oh, the possibilities... :)