Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Do It

Did you know that obesity is contagious? It's true. Hang around a lot of overweight people and the environment (the obese people) will have an impact on you. On the other hand, if you hang around people who are healthy and are making healthy changes then chances are you will be influenced to become healthy yourself. In the last month it seems that many of the people I know or who I read their blogs have been doing some great work to get healthier. Lots are feeling better, losing weight, and improving how they feel about themselves. This caused me to look at myself the other day and go, "Hmmmmm . . ."

I'm not terribly overweight but I am terribly out of shape. I have the stamina of a near dead sloth. Counselling is a great workout for the mind - but it's terrible for one's body. Basically I sit around a lot and it's taken it's toll on me.

Being in an environment where so many people are making changes to their health has put social influence on me to think about changes. So for the last week I've started running. Not far (or fast) mind you, but it's something. And I'm surprised but I'm actually enjoying it - and I miss it if I can't. My first goal was to do my little run without feeling chest pains! Today I achieved it for the first time. Here's a great video I saw the other day on Neatorama about someone who also decided to make a change. I hope it inspires you today:


Moxymama said...

Good for you! I always love the feeling after exercising. It definitely becomes something you miss if you stop doing it regularly.

Lindsey Dueck said...

Yay Mark! It is amazing how far you can go with running in just a few short weeks. Our bodies adapt so well. They were made to run!

Elayne said...

A near dead sloth you say! That's really quite funny Mark!
It's true that exercise is something you miss once you've done it for some time. Even so, it is hard to get back into again after a long absence. The good part is that as soon as you start you remember how good it felt (well, at least once the chest pain subsides!! LOL)

Dayna said...

i hear you about the social influence. i also have quite a cultural influence here in germany... and you know what? i think i'm gonna do it! gonna start running for the first time ever (phys ed class doesn't count becuase i walked most of it!) i actually decided today before i saw this post. it kinda sealed the deal and confirmed my decision to "just do it"