Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ski Adventure/Retreat

I find that sometimes I need time away from my regular life to renew my mind, body, and soul. For me this involves getting into the wild and doing something adventurous (usually with a couple of likeminded friends). My wife says I'm a better man when I return. I wonder if this is the same for others. I'm planning one such retreat for the beginning of March. Want to come? Here's some of the details:

-Dates: March 5-7 (leave late morning on the 7th, return by noon on the 9th)
-Location: Minaki Yurt Adventures (2.5 hours from Winnipeg)
-Accommodations: A rustic yurt (yurts are traditional Mongolian tent structures, ours will be heated by a wood stove)
-Activities: whatever you want. Our yurt will only be about 10 minutes from the trailhead. Spend your days skiing the 25 km of trails, hanging out by the fire, reading, exploring, or try the rustic Finnish Sauna!
-Approximate costs: $15 per night, $20 for food, $20 for gas, trail fee $5 per day = Approximately $85. Extras: XC skis if you need to rent them (try MEC or Windsor Park Golf course)
-What to bring: warm clothing, clothing to ski in, swimsuit & towel, headlamp or flashlight, a backpack, skis/boots, reading material, sleeping bag, and camera if you have one.

P.S. Check out www.minaki.ca for more details.

P.P.S. Sometimes I need to get perspective by leaving my normal life behind, even if only for a little while. It gives me a chance to see myself outside of my regular little life and "reconnect" with God, my heart, and my dreams. Going into the Wilderness isn't for everyone, but if you're reading this and haven't done it before, I reccomend trying it.

Some might say, "isn't it just escapism?" This may be partially true. I do want to escape. I want to escape the concrete jungle, my tedious life, and all of my obligations. However I find that I return motivated and refreshed and ready to tackle those things again. Being in the Wild allows me to regain persespective. It challenges me. And it's beauty draws me back to the God whom I sometimes lose clear sight of. There is a part of me that longs for adventure, fellowship, beauty, rest, silence, daring deeds, and a sense of my own smallness in the universe. The Wild brings all of these to me and more.

May Light increase!


RLE said...

Hey Mark!
Just found out through going through Jobina's links that you have a blog. Good for you... and I really like your last post about the purpose of your blog, it's nice to have that set out beforehand - for you and the people who read.
Anyhow, what I really wanted to say was that I wish that we lived near enough to you for Michael to go on your adventure with you. I know he would love it and benefit from it. Hope you and whoever joins you has a great time!

Mark said...

Thanks for the encouragement Rayna. Yes, I too wish Mike could come with me on my latest adventure. I remember with fondness our other adventures; mountain biking the badlands in North Dakota, winter camping in Riding Mountain park, and kayaking the fjords of coastal B.C. Hopefully we shall do some more expeditions in the future (maybe a father/son trip?). I hear Antartica is nice . . .