Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Teachable? Part 2 . . .

My last post was on the rationale for being teachable. This one concerns trying to figure out where you are when it comes to teachability. If you're not sure how you teachable you are, try taking this 5 point "quiz" (written by Dr. James Macdonald):

1. I know I'm teachable when people give me input .
When people feel free to give you a word of improvement, it's a good sign that you're teachable. Nobody wants to risk cleaning up a meltdown if the person can't
receive a difficult word. Don't try to tell him he's not headed in the right direction because he'll bite your head off. The fool is always deeply persuaded that what he is doing is right. A teachable person will receive input.

2. I know I'm teachable when I see measurable growth and character development in myself.
If you're changing for the good, then you're teachable. You're not the same person you were last year at this time. Godly instruction has produced results in your life and there's growth because of it.

3. I know I'm teachable when I don't have to answer a critic with a defense.
More often than I ever want to be, I'm in the uneasy position of giving people input. As hard as that is, I love to sit down with a person who has hears a difficult word with an open heart and without defensiveness. It's been my repeated observation that those who are receptive to criticism, flourish!

4. I know I'm teachable when I don't have to criticize back.
The classic symptom of an unteachable person is that they will listen to what you say, all the while framing their comeback, "Now let me tell you something..." Can you keep your defenses down and pride in check?

5. I know I'm teachable when I'm learning new ways to grow.
If people have been telling you the same stuff for years, you're not teachable. If you've grown out of those old issues and are now on to new lessons, you're on the right track.

Are you teachable? Ask someone who knows you well for their honest
evaluation. And take their response to heart.

May Light increase!


Anonymous said...

Mark, this is my first comment to you and it is two fold. One is to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog and the other is to see if this annonymous comment thing really works for the sake of my parents who are trying to respond to earl and ramon's blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Evan, thanks for the kind words . . . and yes, it worked!