Monday, February 11, 2008

Three Interesting Thoughts

Short Sprints are Better For You. It's true! Research shows that so called "Tabata Intervals" increased both anaerobic capacity and aerobic capacity more than an hour a day of more moderate exercise, and that a short bout of sprints was effective at burning fat or at increasing glucose transport (particularly helpful for diabetics).

Five Reasons The Emerging Church is Receeding. Do you attend an emerging church? Or maybe you find them heretical or something worse? This article explores one's author's theory on what's happening to this postmodern take on the church.

The Real Purpose of Bookshelves. Think that bookshelves are simply receptacles for organizing and displaying the books you own? Think again! Rather, the books on your shelves are there to convey the type of person you would like to be.


Lee said...

Hey Mark - the bookshelf link doesn't work for me.

Mark said...

Lee, thanks for letting me know! It should be all fixed now. . .