Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life Wisdom From Steve Jobs

If you know me, you know that I am huge fan of Apple, Inc. and it's charismatic founder Steve Jobs. Jobs is widely seen as the key to Apple's huge successes (and mistakes) over the years, a creative and demanding CEO who defies conventional wisdom and creates his own. I don't agree with everything he says or does but I do think he has lots to offer and a way of looking at things that is out of the ordinary. If you have some time and you are in a reflective sort of mood, check out this video of Jobs giving the commencement address (about 15 minutes) at Stanford University in 2005. I found it inspiring. It's classic Steve Jobs but with the added surprise of unusual vulnerability for a usually private man. His life stories are genuine and compelling. Enjoy!


JC Lussier said...

I didn't realize Mark, that you we're a member of the Cult of Apple.

Mark said...

Hey JC, thanks for stopping by! Yes I have been a mac "enthusiast" since 1993. My mac's in order:

-Performa 5260
-iMac DV +
-iBook g4
-Blackbook (MacBook) 2.0 Gigahertz

Anonymous said...

Mark, Here is a video I found fairly entertaining.


What people don't think of. Ok...now you are allowed a shot at my PC.

Dan G.

Mark said...

Hey Dan,
Hilarious video, thanks for posting it! Of course I won't take a shot at your PC -it's too easy! Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
Good Answer. I don't generally make fun of Macs, (because I don't hear too many bad things), but I got the link from a friend who likes/uses Macs, and I knew you had one...so I couldn't resist. My favorite 2 lines:
1.) "Everything is just a few hundred clicks away."

2.) "I like how the email automatically says, 'sent from a Macbook Wheel,' that way people know you have one."
Take care!
Dan G.