Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trip to Belize: Day 9

May 21, 2008

Well, we had our final day at Cotton Tree Lodge. Checkout is at 11:00 but since check in at Coral House Inn (in Punta Gorda) wasn't til 4:00, they graciously allowed us to stay for lunch and we didn't even have to vacate our cabana until right before we left at around 2:30. We said our goodbyes to the staff, Jay, and CeCe and before we left became the first paying customers of Cottonwood Chocolate! Here's a rather strange picture of me holding the first sold chocolate bar:

Antonio graciously drove us to Punta Gorda and dropped us off at Coral House Inn:

This is an exceptional place, I can't say enough about it. After the excitement of our daily trips at Cottonwood we were looking forward to a place to just relax, and Coral House Inn was it. The whole place just oozes relaxation, quality, beauty, and laid-backness. It's a beautifully restored villa, complete with walled in courtyard and a nice pool/bar area overlooking the ocean. Did I mention that they have the only pool in Punta Gorda? Here's a view of the entrance gate in the wall:

From our air conditioned (yes, AC!) room on the upper level we could look down on the pool with ocean in the background:

The pool is not huge, but it is more then sufficient to cool down and go for a great swim:

At the oceanfront there is a walkway down to the ocean where we went down and found some sea glass for the kids:

Here's some bananas growing on the yard:

Needless to say, we were impressed. The location is perfect, far from the core of town but close enough to get there quick. There are cemeteries on each side of the property so the neighbors are very quiet! And the bar is self serve, so you can grab or make whatever drink you want (you just write it down on your tab). We went for a few refreshing swims and got to know some of the guests. Here's a pic of me floating in the pool:

Here's a picture of the thatched bar area and pool loungers:

Soon it was time for supper, the first time we had to choose our meal in 7 days! We went to Marian's, a 3rd floor ocean side place a few blocks from Coral House. On the way, we noticed lots of holes in the ground and enventually we saw these multi-colored crabs pop out:

Very interesting. Marian's was delicious; classic Belizean cuisine. You had three choices: a roasted chicken, beef, or seafood dish. Jobina had chicken and I had beef (about $5 and
$6 CDN) which included the meat plus a salad, potato salad, plantains, rice, and beans. They were super filling and delicious. We tried lime juice, there version of lemonade except with limes - very good. We got to see gecko's chasing each other on the walls of the restaurant:

We walked home in the dark and Jobina was a bit nervous. Suddenly as we were passing a dark shack a large man in dreads shouted something at us and jumped up from his yard and ran up to us! Needless to say it was a bit out of the ordinary (Jobina was quite frightened!). A very eccentric Belizean introduced himself to us as "The King" and asked us where we were from. After talking for a few minutes (which relaxed us) he invited us back to his shack (which appeared to have no power since it was dark) to see the art that he was working on. I told him that maybe we would stop by during the day and though he was disappointed I think he understood how we might be hesitant! After getting back we relaxed by the pool and discussed theology with an American named Todd (who surprised us in the middle of the conversation by going and peeing on the yard). Then we went to bed in air conditioned bliss!


Jay Boaz said...

I think you'd be hard pressed to get me to leave the air conditioning!


Mark said...

Jay, the only way you can understand how beautiful the AC can be is if you also experience the heat! Seriously though, after a day or two you acclimatize to it (mostly). The Mayans are so used to the heat that they often get cold in even minor air conditioning! I think you could take it though Jay - probably.