Friday, June 6, 2008

Trip To Belize: Day 10

May 22, 2008

Today was a relaxing, lazy kind of day. We had a nice continental breakfast at the Inn and then Jobina and I got on the Inn's complimentary (and old school) bikes and went for a leisurely pedal around town:

Here's the sign welcoming you to Punta Gorda:

It was very hot and we took many breaks in the shaded palapa rest stops along the sea. Here's a picture of us that we took on a little dock where we stopped to rest and dip our feet in the ocean to cool off:

After pedaling a mile or two along the coast we were hot and decided to treat ourselves. On the way back we stopped for ice cream at a little cafe, where we were informed that they didn't have any ice cream. So we had ice cold bottles of coke and red fanta (mmm . . . red fanta . . .) instead:

Here's a picture of the street from the patio of the cafe:

We went across the street and bought some postcards and then headed back to Coral House for a swim. I have a great picture of Jobina relaxing in the pool but for some reason Jobina hates it and threatened me if I would post it. Thus I will post a picture that represents her instead. It's a unique piece of art by the pool that I liked. I think it captures the bliss of floating in cool water on a hot tropical day rather well:

Lunch was at a Chinese restaurant which was unremarkable except that it had air conditioning. After lunch we got some ice cream (finally) and I tried the saursop flavored variety that the Belizeans enjoy so much. We crashed for the afternoon in our nice air conditioned room. Here's a picture of the room, small but nice:

At 6 we walked to an oceanfront bar/restaurant called "The Reef" for our last supper in Belize:

I had a T-Bone steak dinner (cost $7.50 CDN) and a glass of really nice red wine and Jobina had some crepe thing paired with a Belekin- both meals were amazing. We enjoyed our last supper in Belize as night descended and talked about how much we would miss this country, what it would be like to go home, and other things. On our way home we again ran into our friend "The King" who sold me a nice wooden ring, made of the wood of a certain kind of palm tree (whose name escapes me). We felt buying from him was the least we could do to support him as he had provided us with so many unique memories of PG (scaring us in the dark, his friendliness, his crazy home/shack, etc). Here's a picture of the King's home, taken in the daylight:

When we got back we went for yet another swim to cool off and then Jobina went inside to enjoy the AC and read. I spent a long time in the pool: thinking and praying about my life and especially what I was learning about God/relationship from reading "The Shack." I was the only one out there and I let my mind and heart wander where they willed. Later I crept upstairs to the deck overlooking the pool and ocean and read. I honestly feel like I have met God in a new way on this trip and I felt very much at peace.

I was telling my friend Jason yesterday that I have a hard time living in the moment; often I am thinking about the future and I miss what's happening in the "now." This night in Belize was different. I just enjoyed the moment; my book, the quiet, the surroundings, the ocean air, everything. It was very nice. Later I invited Jobina out to sit on the deck with me and we enjoyed the time together. Tomorrow we head home which is sad but good. I miss my kids.

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Stacey said...

if that represents Jobina it looks like she needed a swimsuit... or at least some sunscreen ;P

King's place looks pretty interesting... you could always read the walls while lounging on the yard!