Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Logo Feedback Wanted (and Contest)

Riverbend Counselling, the plucky upstart counseling center that I work at has someone working on some temporary logo designs for us. They have sent us two designs so far and I'm wondering if I could get some specific feedback on which ones you like (if any), and specifically what you like/don't like about them. After a few days I will go through the comments and randomly choose one commenter who will get a free copy of C.S. Lewis's bestseller "Mere Christianity!"

Logo 1

Logo 2

Thanks again for your thoughts!


Jobina said...

I thought about it and finally nailed down why I didn't like these...I like logos that don't look like or have pictures of what they are trying to sell (with the exception of apple and second cup). I prefer logos like Sobey's or Starbucks. Simple, good font, that's it.

Stacey said...
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Stacey said...

Oh boy, I debated avoiding commenting on this because I am pretty critical of this kind of stuff since branding, logos, identity and marketing is what I do for a living. But I'm with Jobina. The whole "icon" look is kind of over and has been for awhile so much that it makes these logos look like they were designed in the 80's. But the first one does not represent a very professional image as I'm sure something like a counselling business would be trying to portray. So if you have to choose one my choice is the second one. Maybe ask the designer to experiment a little more with the typeface/fonts. Serif fonts are also a little "old fashioned" looking.

And I apologize if my critique sounds harsh. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Out of these two definitely the second. First one does not look professional. I agree that they should try some different fonts but keep it simple.


Lindsey Dueck said...

I am not crazy about any of them. The first one is far better than the 2nd. The 2nd one looks like an early 90's logo. Now that I look at it again, if the first was clear it would be better I guess. The second one is very boring.

I would not want to go to the place with the 2nd logo. It is something my eye would skip over.

The first one catches my eye a little more, I like the river and the sun.

But I also agree with Jobina. I wish there was different choices.

Elayne said...

If it has to be one or the other I would choose Logo 2. The first one looks like I might have done it and I don't even know how. That's a very poor drawing of a river.

Second one looks more professional but "old" as someone else mentioned.

I'm not crazy about either one. Sorry but you asked.

aneta said...

I think #2 is too boring, too. #1 has potential except I think the font sizing and type is all wrong, and the river pic could be better. Perhaps the colors need to be changed. But really, what do I's just a quick first impression.

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for something with a river, make it look like a real river. I like the second one cause I can see what it says easily but like the others...I can't say either of them really jump out at me. I'd probably ignore them if I saw them on the street.


Moxymama said...

The first one looks very unprofessional. The blue line is distracting and the yellow above counselling is distracting and seems misplaced.
The second one doesn't really do it for me either, though. Of the two I would prefer that one but as a whole I'd prefer something more "clean" looking.
Sorry to be a downer.

Jay Boaz said...

I'm not wild about either; to be honest they look like they were made in Powerpoint (especially the second one). I like the idea behind the first one better; having a background colour like the second one makes it a pain to use on things like business cards, clothing, letterhead, etc. I think a true logo should not have to rely on a background colour unless the border is clearly defined.

I'd look at tightening up the first one, as I don't care for the second one at all.

Sorry to be so harsh, but this is for a business after all.

Sarah said...

I am going to continue the theme, I don't really like either! The first one looks unprofessional, while the second is a little "okd-fashioned"... hmmm I think they can do better than this!

K. Beth said...

I added a link of you on my blog, Mark.

I hope you have a great Friday.

Dayna said...

i am not a big fan of either one. anything i say will basically be a repeat, but i would love a copy of mere christianity, so i will take the risk of sounding like a broken record!

i like the idea of the first one, but it looks like they tried too hard and didn't succeed! maybe something more subtle yet realistic? the second one doesn't even look like a logo to me. just a background and some words, not catchy at all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so impressed at how honest everyone has been with this. I agree with everyone's dislike...and would pick #2 if I had to.

I won't lie, Mark, when i read the "stream in dry places" I laughed...I mean I get the literary play going on here...but it came off as really cheesy