Monday, November 3, 2008


So I was watching Braveheart today (one of my favorite inspiring movies). Now not everyone likes this movie. It is after all brutal and somewhat gory but everytime I watch it I find myself crying at some point. Maybe it's not for everyone, but this movie touches something noble at the very core of my being - some emotion that is raw and real. Today I was struck by the brevity, simplicity, and totality of William Wallace's wedding vows:

William: "I will love you my whole life; you and no other."

Murron: "And I you; you and no other forever."

That's it.

Isn't that beautiful? The power of simple and total commitment. I sat there thinking to myself, "Why don't we hear vows like this anymore?" Total commitment. "You and no other." Now that's romantic.


Dave Carrol said...

I'm not sure you can really be a guy if you don't love Braveheart... an "leak from the eyes" at Braveheart at some point too

Jobina said...

I don't know, I still like the old "for as long as we both shall live". I mean, what if we had that in our vows, then I died and you remarried? You had said you would love me and no other. Hmm, not very fair to wife #2.

Chad said...

William breaks this vow though so i dont know how beautiful it is.

i still cant watch bruce betray him without almost puking, and ive watched a good 20+ times

Mark said...

Dave, I agree completely! As for Chad and Jobina, I don't think that the vow covers death. You are being too literal here folks!

Jobina said...

If you can't take it literally, then what is the vow? Are you saying that we shouldn't take our vows literally??

Jay Boaz said...

I admit I was thinking along the same lines as Jobina, but I'm quite happy to let her discuss the point. :)

I need to pull this movie out and watch it again.