Monday, January 26, 2009

The Validator

vali·date (val′ə dāt′)
transitive verb validated -·dat′ed, validating -·dat′·ing
1. to make binding under the law; give legal force to; declare legally valid
2. to prove to be valid; confirm the validity of; verify

Aneta blogged about smiling a few days ago and included a video (a little long at 16 minutes but worth the watch) which I've put below. It's called "The Validator" and it made me smile fiercely. It made me think about how powerful my acceptance, admiration, and appreciation of others is to those who I meet every day. So load it up and get some popcorn. Here's a little inspiration to power you for your week, enjoy!


. said...

i loved it, mark! and i'm def. smiling!

Jobina said...

That is the BEST VIDEO EVER!!!