Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Answer is . . .

Waiter: "And would you like soup or salad with that, Sir?"
Guest: "Yes."

I'm amazed at how often I get this answer to a rather straightforward question. Usually the "yes" response is followed by an awkward silence at the table as the other guests think about how to help out their friend/wife/family member without making them look like a complete idiot. It's obvious to everyone else at the table that when given an "either/or" choice, the answer can't be "yes."

Or can it?

I was thinking about this today. Am I a cat person (cats are just the cutest) or a dog person (dogs are loyal and faithful)? The answer is yes. Am I a Calvinist (coming to faith in Christ is predetermined) or an Arminian (we come to faith by free will). Am I an environmentalist (the envioronment is most important) or a capitalist (economics are the most important)? The answer again is yes.

God himself is the ultimate "yes" answer to. Is God loving or just? Is he judging or gracious? Is he Three or One? The answer is yes. Living with apparent contradiction is something I'm realizing is just part of being a Christ-follower. Do you see God as rational or mystery? I hope your answer is yes.

May Light Increase!

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