Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So . . . What Are You Reading?

I was bored at work last night and so I asked one of my fellow servers this question. I got such a great response! She told me all of the books she currently had on the go and what she found interesting about them. You really learn a lot about a person when you ask them what they are reading. When you ask a person this question you are asking about something rather personal but it doesn't come across as so. I asked another server and she told me that she was reading Dawkin's "The God Delusion." This led into a great discussion about the faith required for both atheism and religion which was enlightening for both of us. Why not try asking your co-workers or family this question and see what you learn about them?

In case you are curious, I am currently reading Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad which I bought at the big used book sale at the St. Vital mall. I really enjoy anything by Twain, he is pretty much the quintessential American author and a master of wit at one's personal expense. Before that I read some counseling books and another travel adventure book Paul Theroux's The Old Patagonian Express : By Train Through the Americas which I didn't like very much and would not recommend (The Happy Isles of Oceania : Paddling the Pacific is 10 times as good). The book I'm hoping to read next will either be Tolkien's Children of Hurin or Druett's Island of the Lost : Death and Survival at the Edge of the World which is about 2 separate groups of sailors shipwrecked on a remote island (one of the groups thrives, the other destroys itself). Fiction or historical adventure? It will be a tough decision (unless someone buys me one these and makes the decision for me)!

So how about you? What are you reading?


Jobina said...

I'm just so proud that I actually finished a book that wasn't fiction. In fact, the last fiction stuff I got from the church library I just couldn't get into. Oh, what did I read? Confessions of a Caffeinated Christian. Next I'm going to steal that one that you just read for your class!

Rayna said...

I am reading "The Eyre Affaire" by Jasper Fforde. My friend Michelle highly recommended the series when I was out visiting in May. I think I should probably read a non-fiction book sometime soon, though it is much tougher for me to get into those. I am hoping to read "Boundaries for Children" when my friend finishs it and lends it to me.

Anonymous said...

When do you have time to read all those books, Mark? I am reading several books right now. I'm reading through the Bible this year (the most rewarding read of all!); also "The Prayer That Changes Everything" by Stormie Omartian (a book about praising God); and "Beauty Tips From Moose Jaw" by Will Ferguson (a book about our beautiful country).
Dad is reading "Men of War" an anthology complied by Ernest Hemmingway.
I often thank God for all the great gifted authors we have been blessed with.
Happy reading!
Love Mom

Sheri said...

Hey Mark! I have a few books on the go as well but have put most of them on hold until I finish "Boundaries in Dating" (I think that's what its called.) I'm definately enjoying it so far! :)

Mark said...

Jobina: I was very impressed that you made it all the way through a non-fiction book. Well done! I'm proud of you.
Mom: I actually really, like reading so I don't find it hard to fit in. Sounds like you are reading some interesting books (and Dad is too). I wonder what would happen if you switched books?

Mark said...

Sheri: Hey, thanks for commenting! You know I would like to see your blog but sadly I am never able to. Have you thought about switching to Blogger (hey, it's not Microsoft!). Sounds like an interesting book you are reading; let me know if it is good, OK? I am constantly looking for decent resources (not cheezy or unrealistic) for this topic. I find that most couples who have problems with purity do so because they don't take the time to establish their boundaries before they get close. Just my two cents. Take care,

sheri said...

My 'blog' is just a myspace page that only people on my msn list can see...I never update anything so you're not really missing out. About the book, I'm still not finished it but I think it's really good...I'll let you know when I finish it!

Anonymous said...

What would happen if we switched books you ask? I don't need any more reasons to fall asleep in my favourite chair I tell you!