Monday, June 11, 2007

"Lost" Addiction

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I love the TV show "Lost." Jobina and I wait for the season DVD to come out and then we "binge watch" them in the fall. A month ago I lent my Lost Season 1 DVD to my buddy Cole at work. "Be careful," I said," it's addictive." I've lent the DVD to others and they have really, really enjoyed it. Almost too much. Jobina and I once watched 5 episodes in row. It's kind of like crack cocaine . . .

Cole though has been impervious to Lost's charms. Every time he has started to watch it he falls asleep. Now Cole is a pretty busy guy; he's training to run from Calgary to Winnipeg this summer. He works at OG alot and when he's not doing that he's running or working out. "I'll watch it tomorrow," he says but he never makes it more then a few minutes.

The other day I asked him yet again if he'd watched Lost yet. Again he had not. But he told me that one his friends who was visiting him started watching it. I laughed and told Cole it was good that someone was enjoying it. He agreed except that his friend began enjoying it a little bit too much. Apparently he came over to Cole's a lot more there. He also was staying over night. And apparently he was enjoying Lost so much that he was calling in sick to work.

I guess his work didn't like him calling in sick so many times to they fired him! Yes, Cole's friend lost his job because of his Lost addiction. Wow.

Has anyone ever heard of someone becoming so addicted to a TV show that they lost their job? It just goes to show that anything can become an addiction when it interferes with one's quality of life. The next time someone warns you that something is addictive, make sure you take them seriously. You're job may be on the line.

May Light increase!

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Mishelle said...

The first two seasons we waited until it came out in dvd and watched several at a time. For season 3 - out came the vcr manual and programed the vcr to record each time. We would then wait for a time when we could watch it. Neither of us could watch with out the other. Sometimes we had a couple episodes at a time. Now don't have to wait for the next one to come out on DVD, just have to wait until the first of the year for season 4