Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Big Read

A funny thing happened to me on Thursday night. I'm taking a course next week (Monday) at Prov called "Gender Issues" and the professor sent us an email on Thursday letting us know when the course was starting and ending each day. She also "reminded" us that our reading was all due (3 books), as well as two reading reports at the start of class on the first day. I say "reminded" because although I had the syllabus, I was an idiot and had not read it. The horror. I have three days (2 of which I work) to read 900 pages!! I am a pretty fast reader, but this will be rough, even for me. Wish me luck!

May Light increase!

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Rayna said...

Good thing she reminded you, hey? Did you make it? Were they at least easy reads? Hope your class goes well.