Monday, April 14, 2008

7 Days of Adventure, 2 Days of Relaxing

When Jobina and I first decided that we were going to go to Belize, we thought we'd spend a week in the jungle and then unwind for two days on a beach somewhere. Thus began our epic journey of trying to find a cheap beach cabana that would work for both of us. We found several places which all happened to be either:

1. Too long in travel time to get there.
2. The beaches weren't that great.
3. The places would take a minimum of three nights (and we were only staying for two).
4. The places were full, shut down, or in one case the owners were going on vacation.

We were trying to decide what to do with those last two days (our flight plan said we had them) when we thought about staying about staying in Punta Gorda, the major town that is about 20 miles from Cotton Tree. There are no real beaches here, but hey, I grew up in Gimli, MB which has tons of beaches so its not like beaches will be a huge luxury for me. And if we really want to do the beach thing, we can hire someone to take us snorkeling off of one of the many sandy islands close by. PG (as Punta Gorda) is known is right on the Ocean and overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

We looked around and found a nice looking small inn, The Coral House Inn - 4 rooms with a pool (a rarity in Belize), complimentary breakfast, air conditioning, bicycles to ride, hammocks and gardens on site, and lots of "style." And it's right on the coast. All for $90 a night. The only thing was when we contacted them, they said they were booked for our days (doh!) but that they were finding out in a week if the company who reserved all the rooms would still need them (faint hope springs up). Thus we waited a long week and today I got the email: a room opened up! So now it looks like our vacation plans are set. Sweet! I'm getting pretty excited about this upcoming little adventure of ours . . .


Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you brother, but the beaches in Gimli aren't much to write home about. :)

--I fully admit Gimli's beach is nicer than Sandy Bar, no worries!

Mark said...

OK, I mean the Interlake area beaches. Actually, Lake Winnipeg has some very nice beaches. Apparently (my neighbor told me this so don't think that I endorse them in ANY way) but, ahem, Playboy magazine rated Winnipeg Beach's beaches in its top 10 of worldwide beaches. I doubt they take very much into account (like bugs, water quality, etc) except what it looks like, but I think Manitoba is lucky to have so many great beaches. I think we are just so hard on them because we are just so familiar with them. One of my goals is to enjoy the beaches more this summer. . .

I took Riker swimming at Sandy Bar once, we had a lot of fun!