Friday, April 4, 2008

Procrastination Cycle

Here is my Paper Procrastination Cycle. Ironically I am blogging about this as I procrastinate on a paper! Anyway, here it is:

1. I find out I have a paper due. I decide that unlike past times, I will get it done on time.
2. I establish a "fake" due date before the actual one and set aside time to do the paper, well in advance
3. I do not do the paper. Instead my life grinds to a halt productivity wise. I get nothing done except whatever absolutely needs doing. My desk is a mess. Personal hygiene falls by the wayside. I procrastinate by spending time blogging, playing video games, or looking at real estate listings. I become more miserable and annoyed with myself. Nothing is enjoyable. All is misery and rising tension.
4. Eventually I come up the real due date. I have one day left. I spend the whole day procrastinating. Then I do the paper in the evening and stay up all night.
5. I hand the paper in on time. Because I completed it so late I don't even proof read it (although I do spell check it as the computer can do that for me). I feel so bad about my paper and think "this is for sure the worst paper I've ever written).
6. Get back the paper - did quite well. This is always shocking and I imagine how good my mark would have been if I had done the paper during the day and had actually proofread it. Guilt haunts me. Decide to do next paper earlier.
7. Repeat.


Lee said...

BWAH!!!! This is EXACTLY my routine about anything pressing! Love this post Mark - I can totally relate :)

Jobina said...

It doesn't help that while all this is going on, your wife is taking the kids out everywhere, visiting friends and shopping instead of keeping house and making good healthy meals. Poor Mark.

Elayne said...

Hey Mark! Don't let anyone convince you that it's OK to procrastinate like that!! .... remember the "grad card"!!
BTW, I read your blog about our hotel issues and house renovations. Someone commented on the germ issue. You didn't mention that my tote bag includes a can of Lysol to spray on doorknobs, furniture, bathroom fixtures, etc. etc... Oh, yes, and I ALWAYS smell the shower curtain!!
That trailer idea is sounding more enticing all the time!

Jolene said...

Hey Mark,

Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. I can't believe how much life has changed since my BCBC years. Looks like things are quite different for you folks as well.

I love your outlook on procrastination. It brought back memories of every paper I wrote in my five years of university. I thought things would change when I entered my career but alas I have started the same pattern with report cards. Unfortunately with my new career as a mom the procrastination no longer works...when my baby is hungry she is not as patient as the paper needing to be typed on my computer. Best of luck with your schooling!

Alyssa said...

Great post, Mark. This routine sounds all too familiar. It's what happens every single time I've got something due. And every time, I promise myself it will be the last time. But no... maybe one day I'll learn:)