Sunday, April 27, 2008

Invitation: Put Some Iron In Your Diet

Only a couple of more days! I have waxed long and somewhat eloquently (perhaps) about my excitement on the upcoming Iron Man movie. Even if you are not familiar with this under appreciated super hero (or the genre), myself and Jay would like to invite you to come watch the movie with us next Thursday (the 1st) at 8:30 pm at Silver City St. Vital here in Winnipeg. The more the merrier! Iron Man is the first "blockbuster" movie of the summer to come out, so why not bring in the summer in style? I'm picking up tickets tomorrow night in the evening, so if you'd like to come, contact me (or leave me a comment) and I'll pick up a ticket for you as it will undoubtedly be a sellout on opening night. Then we can meet at my house or the theater early and get a good place in line for this momentous occasion. I am so pumped about this movie!

P.S. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, check out the trailer for the movie below:


Keith said...

Let me be the first (of many ;) to throw down my name.

I've ok'd it with the wife and I'm in.

but first you have to sum up why Iron Man. I was always a Silver Surfer man myself. Laying down his life to protect his world. But also trying to find out who he is and how he fits in...

Mark said...

Hey Keith, sweet! I'll grab you a ticket for sure. As for why Iron Man? Good question. Iron Man is a different kind of, somewhat more realistic "hero." In some ways he is a superhero with warts. He is noble but he is also kind of evil and the character is about the tension of the two sides of him. As a billionaire capitalist and maker of weapons of war we see how one's dark side can be affected by an ephiphany of a new and noble thought: protecting those whose products put people in harm's way. Tony Stark is also a playboy and has issues with alcohol (although this theme is not developed very much in the film I'm told), and is quite arrogant. But in a likeable way.

Honestly though, it's probably mostly about a guy who can can do a lot of damage with some kick butt high tech armor and can trash a lot of stuff! I mean he can take on jet fighters! This will also be kind of a neat movie because there won't be a supernatural element which is common to 99% of this genre (and another reason why I always liked him).

Anyway, I could keep going on this, but I should run. BTW, if anyone is reading this, I will probably be purchasing the tickets around 8:00, so that's the new deadline to contact me to pick one up for you. If you live in the city you might

Keith said...

Ahh. I see.
I feel the same way about the batman series. A normal man with cool weapons and a human side to him.

Alright, looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark!
I left a message on Jay's Blog letting him know, but I thought I'd leave it here as well. I will be attending the movie with you gentlemen, and I will be bringing my boyfriend to meet everyone as well! I already paid for our tickets, so we are good to go! Ok, as you can probably tell by all of the exclamation points here, I am quite excited! Please keep me posted on the comings and goings - if we are meeting beforehand, when where, etc...)
Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

oh, it's Lynne again, Jobina has my e-mail addy and is my FB friend...