Saturday, April 26, 2008

Poll Reminder

Just a quick reminder that my poll on the Chronicles of Narnia is ending soon! So if you haven't voted, please do, I'm interested to see how may have read them and which are the most popular. If you want to praise your fav, just leave your comments on this post. Currently I am reading The Horse And His Boy to Riker (which was always my favorite). It's kind of like a cross between Arabian Nights and King Arthur . It's got everything: political intrigue, fierce battles, journeys across the desert, class/race tensions, moral dillemas, and subtle Christian allegory. I identify with the main character Shasta, a peasant boy who has always longed to see what's around the corner of his world. I find when I'm reading these books to Riker that Jobina is often listening in; I think we are enjoying them as much or more then Riker!


Keith said...

I just started reading Magician's Nephew to Noah and Dora, (oh that Jadis is a mean person :)

I have read the series a couple of times and we have the books on tape, last year we managed to go thru the whole series on our longer trips, kids enjoyed them.

Interesting point about horse and his boy, when i first read it, I felt sad. Both books 1 and 2 had different characters and different erras, I thought it was a series and not seperate short stories in the same world. took me a bit to get oer it :)

Mark said...

Hey Keith! Ah yes, Jadis. I thought that the actor portaying her in the in the Lion, The Witch, and Wardrobe movie wasn't quite evil enough (IMHO). Wow, listening to them on tape sounds like a great idea, I'm definitely going to do that on our next big road trip!

The Horse and His Boy made you sad? Really? That's interesting. What part? There is a bit of harsher side I suppose (Arsheesh beating Shasta as an example) and of course the divine judgement theme (Aravis getting scarred by Aslan for drugging her slave girl). My least favorite of the series is probably the first one. Not sure why, I just never connected well with it.

If you like Lewis's fiction I recommend that Cosmic Trilogy. Definitely not for kids but a very enjoyable sci-fi read. I keep looking for it in used bookstores as it is hard to find. Our church library has it I believe.

Keith said...

I don't think the story it self mad me sad, I think the fact that I had to learn new characters and a new time and a new bad guy.. (at the time) it felt so disconnected with the first 2 books.

To be honest, the second time around I did enjoyed it more.

Yes, I agree Jadis wasn't evil enough.. (or tall enough, I was picturing a 8 ft giant.. but how do they do that). It has been a while since I saw the movie, but I do remembering Aslan voice not deep (re:powerfull) enough.. I was thinking more like James Earl Jones ;)

Ok.. I have to counter my negative with a positive.. sitting at the theatre, big screen, popcorn in hand.. seeing a book come to life with mystical creatures and places... that was a great experience.

Now if only there was another movie about a fictional hero and they made a movie out of.. you know the kind where he is tough as iron!! ;)

Mark said...

Poll Results: So it appears that after a massive 14 votes we have a strong winner in the Narnian Popularity game: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe at 5 votes. I was surprised that The Silver Chair and The Voyage of the Dawntreader didn't get any votes, the latter is probably my send favorite book. Thanks for voting!