Thursday, February 25, 2010


This morning as I was driving to work and listening to the radio (CJOB - "The Superstation!") I listened with interest about how in California, the first week in March is going to be "No Cussing Week"). Apparently this reaction against foul language was started by a young lady who began a group on Facebook that now has many thousands of members. Interesting.

How do you feel about swearing? I have always been a "no swearer" - never had a problem or issue with it. It's honestly never been attractive to me. I have many vices but swearing isn't one of them. When I was in full time ministry I noticed that "swearing" was one of those things that many ministers, youth pastors, counselors and elders would sometimes let slip. It became that as I got closer to someone I would wait for it - it was almost a sign of how much they trusted me and liked me that they could swear in front of me! So many ministry people feel the constraints of their profession and enjoy the freedom to occasionally let loose an f-bomb or the like to express their frustration or hurt.

Although I don't like it, I don't judge people for it and certainly in my office I hear lots of foul language. When I was young I was very sensitive to it, but now due to my profession I am mostly desensitized. It doesn't matter if a person is Christian or non, most people at some point will go there. So is it really a big deal? And what constitutes cussing to you? I'm amused by my friends and family members who giggle or laugh when others swear, it's like a guilty little pleasure. Perhaps a small act of rebellion? I guess for myself every week is no cussing week. How about for you?


Anonymous said...

I have an interesting theory on swearing....

I don't believe that specific words are bad in themselves. ( Other then taking God's name in vain )

I think this because, what makes a word a swear? Simply because it offends people. I believe it is wrong to consciously ( sp? ) offend others.

Now taking this theory to the edge... what if you are alone, is it ok to swear? It wont offend people... I would try not to simply because I wouldn't want to form a bad habit.

I think you have to be aware of who you are around ( in the sense that they may be more sensitive then you ) and to remember that we are ambassadors for Christ!

Keith F

Moxymama said...

I agree with the comment left by Keith. I don't swear generally speaking. I have, of course, let slip swear words upon occassion. The occassional curse word by others doesn't bother me, but I find myself not thinking very highly of people who use that type of language repeatedly in their everyday discourse. I just think there are more intelligent words to get your point across.

Dayna said...

Psalms 19:14 comes to mind... "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my strength and my Redeemer." well as Ephesians 4:29 "Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers."

these verses don't address anything about how we are to react to others cussing, but they remind me that i am responsible for what i say and although i still have a long way to go, i strive to honor God with every word, even the unspoken ones that i only think about.

Terry L said...

About 6 months ago, my 2 year old picked up a word. she thought it was hilarious. It kinda went like this:

Sam: Daddy?
Dad: Yes Sam?
Sam: What the F*(&! hahahahahahaha
Dad: (Ducks so that people can't see that this is his kid.)

Not sure where she got it from, but we do try not to use language like that at home. We were actually thinking it might have been daycare. But who really knows?

She sure loved the reaction we gave her when she said it though. Fortunately she has grown out of this now.

Looking back on it, its kinda funny.


TammyIsBlessed said...

I find it totally unclassy.

Even Jerry Seinfeld said - comedians who have to swear to be funny, aren't really funny.

I agree with the scripture Dayna used above.

Regardless of how it was determined, swear words are considered offensive, and as such, using them does not bring glory to God.