Thursday, April 26, 2007

Drawing Blood . . .

Today I went in to get something checked out at a walk in clinic and they asked me to get some tests done. One was to get a urine sample (seriously, is there anything more embarrassing to announce in a crowded waiting room? Oh yeah there is, when she asked me to collect stool samples over the next few days!) and they also wanted to take some blood. I hadn't planned on giving any blood that day, but I thought I'd better go along with it. Anyway, the student (alarm bells, alarm bells!) told me I had "nice veins" and then proceeded to take out 3 large vials of my precious red stuff. It didn't actually hurt very much but it took him a long time to come back and left me just sitting their waiting. Somehow, I started not feeling right and when I went back to the lab waiting area I was feeling a little queasy and light headed. One of the nurses told me I was looking a little green and asked me if I would like some water. I said yes and put my head between my knees. . .

I actually don't remember that happening. I remember music (the radio?), feelings of peace, and various thoughts about my life and then all of a sudden I heard several voices asking me if I was OK. Then I realized that my eyes were closed and that I was very tired and sluggish. I slowly opened my eyes to find a concerned looking medical team all around me. They had put a pillow behind my head, a cold cloth on my neck, and a "puke" pail beside me. I guess I had passed out.

After a minute or so, I sheepishly convinced them I was OK and they left me with some water and my puke pail to await the next test (an EKG test). In truth, I felt great, like I had just had a very long and relaxing sleep. I felt curious and peppered the nurses with questions. I found out that I had only been unconscious for a few moments, that I had shaken a little (which apparently is common), and that I had been talking to the nurse up until the second I passed out. I wish I could have seen it! I'm not sure why I passed out - I think it had something to do with the unfamiliar feeling of having something foreign stuck into my body. I'm not really afraid of needles.

Anyway, the dream like state I was in seemed different then the previous times I had passed out (over a decade ago) and was what interested me the most. It seemed so . . . nice actually. I had sweet, vivid dreams in those moments but sadly can't remember any of them. I look forward to giving blood again soon! It felt quite therapeutic . . .

May Light increase!


Anonymous said...

Mark! For goodness sake! You're going to scare your old sister in law to death with stories like that! Are you okay? And if you say yes to that, are you sure? I'll be praying for you and your tests - I hope it's nothing serious. Do take care of yourself...we Albertans tend to worry about you - just in case you didn't know!

Love you!

Anonymous said... sounds to me like you are in need of some good old fashioned counselling. You may just be in denial about your phoebia of needles. Come to Medicine Hat and we can talk about it. Oh yes, and be warned...the older you get the more probing, testing, scoping and just generally looking for trouble you have to endure!
Seriously though....I will be praying for you too. You have a lot on your plate these days!

Rayna said...

Mark -
Just be glad that it was Jobina and not you who went through pregnancies and got all the tests they put us poor women through at that time! :)
Anyways, I hope you are OK now and that you do not have to wait a long time for test results. Praying that all is good.