Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On Being A Dad

On Sunday, Riker received a new soccer ball as part of his Easter loot from his grandparents (as well as WAY too much chocolate). After lunch he and I went outside and we kicked the ball around. I'm not sure why, but playing soccer with Riker just made me feel like such a . . . well, Dad. I really, really enjoyed it. Basically we just kicked a ball back and forth to each other but it seemed like so much more.

When I was young, my brother Tim and I used to play soccer outside with Dad after supper. It was always him versus both of us and I remember the thrill when we occasionally beat him. I hadn't really thought about those games until Riker and I were outside and it all came back to me. Playing soccer with him was something my Dad used to do with me. Not only did we have a ton of fun, but I truly felt like a Dad! Very cool feeling.

Later on that day, I called my Dad and let the kids thank him for the gifts. I also thanked him for all of the time he spent playing soccer with me when I was a kid. I hope he was encouraged that all those games of soccer made a difference. It also encouraged me to remember that sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

May Light increase!

P.S. The picture at the top is Riker's drawing of us playing soccer. I assume that I'm the bigger stick man but I'm not sure.


Dayna said...

nice... what a wonderful picture, and a wonderful story to go w/ it! i also remember playing outside w/ my dad, but it wasn't usually soccer. we sometimes tossed a football back and forth and i also remember "personal catch lessons" after a camping trip. While camping we had all been wearing baseball gloves and had tried to play catch w/ a baseball, but i was TERRIBLE! i don't think i ever caught it during that camping trip... so the next week @ home, dad and i practiced. he gave me tips and believed that i could do it and eventually i could! i can't anymore, but that's not even the point, is it? i also remember many rounds of croquet!

hmmm. i'd forgotten about those memories for a long time. thanks for the refresher!

Jobina said...

Mark, you're an awesome Dad! I love it when you play with our kids, read to them, teach them something or just sit and talk with them, not because it gives me a break, but because they love it. Rock on Mark!!!

Anonymous said...

Mark, you know I've been watching you! and I also think you're a terrific Dad to your kids. Sometimes I wonder how you manage all that you have on your plate and still find time to have beach parties and play ball with your kids!
You're also a GREAT son-in-law but by now we think of you as our son!
Mom (I'll sign this from both of us!)

Anonymous said...


I am in full agreement with Jobina and Mom. I too have watched you parent your children as well as be an amazing uncle to my kids. Watching you read stories to Riker and Declan that time I stayed with you guys was so awesome! You are a "hands on" Dad and I love that about you! I know that it's hard to find the time to get everything done right now, but trust me when I say from experience, your kids will remember and appreciate those moments spent with you!

Love you!