Friday, April 20, 2007

New Tolkien Book Out!

Good news for all of the Tolkien fans out there. How has Tolkien done this since he is dead you ask? Christopher Tolkien (JRR Tolkien's grandson) has edited the manuscript of a previously unpublished work called The Children of Hurin. If you've read The Silmarillion, you may remember them mentioned there. Anyway, if you are thinking of buying it, why not buy it through my new online Bookstore? Check out the "Random Enlightenment Bookstore" link below my personal profile on the side. Partnering with, I've started an "aStore" to highlight some of my favorite books and allow others to purchase them if they wish. Is this shameless commercialism? Um, maybe! How the aStore works is that if anyone buys a book from my store, I get a small percentage of the profits. So yeah, if you plan to buy any of these books, buy them through my site and help out a student! And if you have ideas on books I should add, let me know.

May Light Increase!

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