Friday, April 6, 2007

Minaki Yurt Adventures: Pics

Dalen took a few pics from our last ski trip so I thought I'd post a few of my favorites.

This green Yurt is the tri-level B&B yurt that the owners live in and is the first things you see when you pull into the parking lot.
In order to get all of our stuff to our yurt, we loaded up the packs onto a plastic sled and dragged it behind us to the Yurt.
Here's our abode for the next few days, the Blueberry Yurt. It was the nicest of the trail yurts and is hands down the best one to stay in.

This is Dalen skiing fearlessly across an ice and snow covered lake, deep in the woods.
After several hours on the "not open" Red Squirrel Trail we were tired but triumphant. Going first and breaking new trail is nasty. Most of the time I allowed Dalen the honor of doing so.

The last pic is my favorite. After the Red Squirrel trail, we did another big loop and when we got to one of the trail signs, Dalen approached it slowly and accidentally skied into it. We laughed. Then he completely collapsed on the ground. Then we really laughed. In biking we calling running out of fuel "bonking" and it seems that Dalen had bonked. Notice the look on his face; clearly he's enjoying the irony of the situation.

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