Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wealth Building Newsletter - Free Test Drive Giveaway!

Yesterday I went to a free seminar in Winnipeg called "Get Rich In Canada" presented by Darin Weeks and the Fast Track to Cashflow organization. I had meaning to go one of their seminars for a long time and it had never worked out. Finally a friend called me up and we went together. I learned a few things which was good and also had the honor of meeting Darin Weeks himself. Darin is one of those natural entrepeneurs, the kind that owns stock and businessed while still in elementary school. Now his education and investment company has revenues this year of over $150,000,000. He is associated with the "Rich Dad" organization down in the U.S.

Anyway, I have been subscribing to his newsletter "The Fast Track To Cashflow Inner Circle Newsletter" for over a year now and have learned a lot from it. It has practical advise on business, real estate, investing, marketing, etc. I got into it by taking a 3 month test drive and decided that the info was so good that it was worth paying for: $29.95 a month. You may think this is steep (my wife certainly does!) but the newlsetter provides motivation and great practical estate investing techniques (one on negotiating saved me probably $5000 on one of our properties) that make it more then worth it financially. Anyway, I have 3 gift certificates which offer a three month test drive of the newsletter that I'm willing to give away to 3 lucky commenters.

The only stipulation is that you have to be somewhat ready to take action in building wealth. For instance most months I would rate myself a 8 or 9 out of 10 at readiness to take action. If you are merely curious you are probably at about a 2 or a 3. As this info is only good if it's practiced, I'd like to give it out to people who would rate themselves at least a 5 out of 10. So if that's you, feel free to leave me a comment and if in a week's time I have more then 3 comments, I'll put the names in a hat and it will be a draw. Good luck everyone!

P.S. The test-drive is the type where you sign up for the newsletter, give them your credit card, but if after three months you don't want to subscribe you cancel and you don't pay anything. You may want to continue with it like I did, but if you don't think it's worth it, it's easy to cancel.


loewent said...

a friend was interested in going to this seminar today. I sent him the link for your blog, I think he went to it.

So is the focus on property? I couldn't help but notice the seminar is free... usually an indication of bias and that they want to sell something... so are they biased? and are they selling anything?


Mark said...

Hey Terry, hopefully your friend went to it and can give you a report.

I wouldn't say the focus is on property (real estate) only but it would certainly be one of the top 3 (businesses and investing being the other two).

Do they want to sell anything? Absolutely! As the saying goes "there's no such thing as a free lunch." They outline several opportunities to invest with them or their sponsors during the presentation. There is no pressure though and these options follow the general education times. All of them are quality investments. I really like this company and think they have integrity. It is not for everyone, but almost anyone could increase their financial IQ significantly.

When I went, Darin asked the audience how many people had their own business and I'd say 30% did. When he asked about real estate it was much smaller, less then 10% (this made me feel good). One guy and his partner had just started and they already had 12 properties. How long had they been doing it? Less then a year! Going to these kind of events helps to get you open to the possibilities and expand your financial horizons . . .

Anonymous said...

We attended one of those last year, and invested in an opportunity that was presented at the Cashflow seminar (but the actual info meeting was held the next day at a different location.) All I have to say is beware what you are investing in. I'm pretty sure we lost our initial investment (dare I say scam?).
We do have 2 investment houses (one in BC and one in Alberta), though. Timing is everything, though. If we had invested a little earlier (in Alberta), we could have made a lot of money in a short time. Now, however, we are landlords with good tenants. :)

Mark said...

Hey Anonymous,

I agree with what you say about timing is everything - this is what I'm learning about investing. The last few years have made anyone look like a genius (who invested in real estate) but the truth was that it was just good timing.

As for your investment that was presented at a Fast Track presentation, I'm sad to hear it did not work out. A few things in reflection: First as an anonymous commenter I have no idea if anything you are saying is true or not! It might be better to "go public" if you are going to critique an organization or its programs. That being said, if what you are saying is true I'm sorry to hear it. All investments carry risk and unless it was presented that there weren't any, well that is just how it goes sometimes. There is a difference between scams and investments that do not work. The other thing I'd be interested to know is if that investment opp was one of Darin Week's or one of their sponsors. It seems to me that they no longer present opportunities except for their own at their meetings. Good luck with your rental properties by the way!

loewent said...

After talking to my friend who did attend the Darin Weeks seminar, and reviewing the prospectus, I am leary of this investment. From a 30000 ft view, it looks more like a network marketing concept than an investment, as Darin gets a 20% cut of everyone's 'investment'. No wonder he's loaded!

2 thoughts on this.

1. Like you said, events like this can motivate you to look for investment opportunities within your arms reach. If that's what you were after in this meeting, it sounds like you got it!

2. The majority of the people my friend observed at the event were older retired or semi-retireds, who have money kicking around, and have also probably taken a kicking on their investment portfolio over the past few months. They were looking for a quick fix, and I hope that whatever it was that Darin was offering will pay off for them.

If you want to go over the specifics in the prospectus sometime, let me know. My friend took some pretty good notes, and if you were at the same seminar, you probably listened to a bunch of his questions... Darin rebutted with a lot of 'its in the prospectus!' instead of real answers.

Always wise advise... READ THE FINE PRINT!