Monday, February 2, 2009


I really liked this when I saw this on postsecret today:

We all want to change something. We want to be thin, smart, ethical, happy, sober, spiritual, talented, forgiving, etc. But often we don't want it enough to do the work necessary. We think we really want it, but we don't. We want something else more - usually the comfort of not working hard, of not sacrificing something, or not losing the thing or things that aren't making us long-term happy but help us to cope in the short term.

We try to convince everyone around us how hard life is and how we so much want to change but alas, we cannot. I have an idea to try something different: be honest with yourself. If you can't find the motivation to change realize that you just aren't ready or motivated enough yet! Don't tell people you want to change. What you really want is to be wanting to change on a level that will actually produce action in you. Once you are sufficiently motivated, you can change (if you choose to). Do you just wait around for it to happen to you? No, you must find your motivation. Or let it go. Either way, torturing yourself isn't going to help you. As Libby said on Lost a few seasons ago: "If you want to change . . . then change."


Elayne said...

There's a new study floating from city to city called "The Truth Project" by Focus On The Family which is designed to equip Christians with a comprehensive biblical worldview; address the need to marry our actions to our core beliefs and of course transform. So would we not all want to participate in a study like that? Many I talk to say they would like to join a small group for this study. Only a handful however seem to have any time for it.
You're right Mark. We have to be ready for a change or a challenge or it won't work.
PS...I'm participating in The Truth Project in case you're wondering!!

Mark said...

Thanks for the info Mom, I'll check it out. Yes, we have to work for change - I think that we won't however until we find, unlock, or take out what gets in the way of our motivation! Despairing about our situation is a poor long term strategy for change. Being deadly honest with ourselves and then willing to take action on what that honest reveals works much better!

Moxymama said...

I agree. People, myself included, complain about aspects of ourselves, our lives, our relationships that we are not satisfied with but then do nothing about changing them.