Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meatless In Manitoba: Day 1

Today I got back from a XC ski trip retreat at Hecla. Myself and a few friend went up there for the weekend and had some great skiing and some great talks - good for a man's soul I'd say. We also went and skied a couple of miles across the ice to Punk Island so I can now cross this island off of my "Islands To Explore" list. The picture to the right is "Little Punk" the sister isle to Punk that I had visited several years ago. Skiing across a frozen lake to an island that sometimes is invisible because of snow is a fun experience.

This morning though was the first day of an experiment - I'm going to go a month without eating meat. Sounds like fun, eh? Many people are asking the obvious question; why, Mark, why?! It's a combination of things actually:

1. I've read the book The China Study which has strong research to back up the hypothesis that animal protein is one of the major causes and instigators of what are called the diseases of affluence; cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, etc. So I wonder, if it's true, could I do it?

2. Lately I've asked a lot of people if they've ever tried eating vegetarian or vegan and what it was like. Everyone who was one (or had tried it) told me that they felt the best they'd ever felt in their lives while not eating meat. Some had had some stomach issues for the first week or so but after that smooth sailing. Many had had ailments and chronic sickness either improve or disappear, better skin, more energy during the day (and an easier time getting to sleep), and many other improvements to their health. I would like to know what it would feel like for me to go meatless

3. I like radical experiments. As a person who eats vegetables mostly because other people think I should and as the son of a farmer this would be quite a radical change. Change for the sake of change is always a great learning opportunity and I'm interested to see what it will be like.

Yup, so this morning I woke up and had to endure the smells (and sounds) of bacon in a frying pan. My first test - and I was strong! Later at the BCBC camp reunion I had people letting me know they'd save me pizza - cheese pizza of course! Jobina has decided to try the experiment as well so that will make it easier (although I didn't pressure her in any way to try it - she's doing it of her own free will). I'll give periodic updates every few days to let you know how I'm doing. Only 27 days to go!


Lifelines said...

I'll be very interested to see how it goes. I've always thought I could easily give up meat, especially read meat. Maybe I'll try vegetarianism, too... after I hear how you fared.

Jobina said...

The book was actually called The China Study though.

I *heart* veggies!

Elayne said...

I'm fasting today and veggies sound really good right about now!! Have FUN with this challenge!!